Monday, September 12, 2011

Time to break the Stalker Kit out.

OMG!!!! Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon are filming a movie called "Mud" on the Arkansas River in Pendleton, AR the end of the month for 8 WEEKS... which is 15 minutes from where my boyfriend lives. 2 of my friends Paige and Stephanie are already planning our headshot photo shoot and will be submiting our applications for movie extras this week (this is serious stuff). My goal... To lick Matthews entire body.. yes i am aware he does not wear deoderant... but it's Matthew does it really matter?!

In other news....

Lacey and I had a Yard Sale this Saturday... and who new so many people loved to buy other peoples crap?!? We had a steady flow of traffic.. starting the night before our sale even started!! I sold my whole college life and it was bittersweet, Lacey sold random stuff and at the end of the day what we had left Lacey loaded it up in ONE box to resale at her moms yard sale. All in all the Yard Sale was a complete WIN!!! I am ready to stard hoarding more crap so I can have another one... in about 10 years. It was some hard work! Oh and Lacey and I stayed up all night crafting... below is our finished products. I love me some craft nights :)

My Wreath
Razorback wreath by lacey
HOGS Tutu Wreath by me and Lacey

Saturday night me and two of my friends Paige and Stephanie decided we were going to have a girls night we went to the Sandbar (which is on Pendelton where the movie is being filmed) our plan was to eat dinner then ride the levee and enjoy a few beers.... heres what actually happend. We ate dinenr took about 10 shots each I had to call my boyfriend at 2:30 am to come pick us up (he was NOT happy) phone calls the next morning that started with "what did we do last night and how did we get home" lol. We had a great time from what I remember.

The death of us.
She NEVER does this. This is how bad it was
Me and Paige!
Sunday morning well around 11 I woke up and I felt like it was going to be my last day of life.. I felt terrible. I talked with paige and steph we rehashed the night... well what we remeber.  I stayed in bed all day and watched lifetime and loaded down with BC powder. I'd say I had a pretty succesful weekend! Hope you all did too!

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