Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NYC in 2 Days!!

It's FINALLY here!!!!! Lacey and I leave for New York City in 2 days....I'm in shock...literally. I have yet to do laundry, pack, figure out a ride to the airport, or pick up my credit card I left at a bar. There is so much to do and sooo little time. Someone please tell me why I procrastinate so much?!!? I always say I work better under pressure which in all reality I become a complete bitch and short tempered because I am so mad that I have to rush everything. I've been this way all my life so I probably won't change anytime soon.... it would just be so much better for me and the people I come in contact with if I did. Oh well :)

In good news the weather looks like it is going to be PERFECT! I mean it will be a little chilly but I want it to be so it feels like christmas :)

One of my goals is to find me and the boyfriend "rolex" watches from China Town. If anyone has recomendations on where to go to find these please let me know :)

Also I found out that you can carry mace in your check in bag on the airplane. you better believe this girl is packing some...I am just a teeny bit nervous about all the people out and about in NYC. I think I have watched to many TV shows....but hey you can never be too careful!

If anyone has any recomendations on where we should go let me know! Lacey pretty much has us booked up though!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday!

have missed this link up so ready to show off some of my pins!!!
Link up today!! The Vintage Apple

In LOVE with this kitchen!

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RIP Garrett Uekman.

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Very pretty and different!

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I sent this to the boyfriend and he agreed completely... :)

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Poor thing lol

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My goal is to find one of these in NYC China Town....wish me luck :)

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Loving this house!

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I miss all of these shows! They were great. Oh the memories

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I hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving!!!! All diets are off this week... but my running schedule will have to remain to work off the excess!!! FYI I am on week seven of Couch 2 5K!!!! Two more to go!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My ABSOLUTE Favorite store!

Hey ladies!! I thought I would share with you all today a little secret I have....I have a shopping problem. So to make myself feel better I am going to share my weakness. The Blue Door Boutique. This place is the DEVIL I tell you. But I LOVE it. The actual store is located in Georgia.. but they offer amazing clothes online. Check it out and I am warning you ahead of time... they post new arrivals every single day and they sell out QUICK!!!

I apologize ahead of time :) Have fun!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Words to Live By

Happy Hump Day!!!  I was browsing through a friends facebook and I found this quote. This is now posted on my desk where I can view it every day. This quote really touched me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Whatever you give to life, it gives you back. Do not hate anybody. The hatred which comes out from you will someday come back to you. Love others and love will come back to you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!!!

Gosh it's been a while!!!

I am so excited about Halloween!! I have a love hate relationship with being scared... this past week a couple of girlfriends and I went to see Parnanormal Activity 3. It was a STUPID idea. I used to have a hard time getting over scary movies I would have nightmares or feel like somone was always in my house, so I gave them a break for a few years. This year I felt like a big girl and thought I could handle it...not true. I have had an uneasy feeling every night since I have seen the movie. Buuuut it's Halloween so I guess it's ok!

Anywho, I am going to a halloween party this weekend and I wanted to share with you all and appetizer I am going to attempt. Oreo Eyeballs!! I have made the infamous oreoballs before but never made them look like eyeballs I'm excited!!

Pinned Image

What Ya think??

I have talked my main squeeze into dressing up 80"s style. I'm usually a fan of homemade costumes so I made a trip to goodwill and picked us up a couple of old school nylon windsuits. I will show you picks next week of the full outfits! I have some pretty good ideas in my head though, yes I know tomorrow is the party but I work great under pressure :))

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting

I feel like I'm pinning with a purpose rather than wasting time all day when I get to share my pins with fellow bloggers. Thats why I LOVE Pinteresting Wednesday's :)

Here are my latest pins.

This gave me a good laugh!

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Cool Idea! I have been saving up my wine corks because pinterest has given me so many ideas to use them. I have even neglected some of my favs because they are screw bottles...MUST.DRINK.MORE.WINE.

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I really like this!

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This dress is adorable. Just another one to add to my moms to-do list.

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This is Cotton to a T!

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Well duhhhh!

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I will be making this this weekend. I told the boyfriend to pick me some cotton today!

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The ultimate comfort food! Cheese stuffed meatballs, yes please.

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Guilty of using Web-MD.

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Great idea to hide those ugly cold air returns!

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Hope you all enjoyed my pins! Go link up with Michelle to show yours off today.

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Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Call me Picasso.

Hey Ya'll!!! This weekend a freind and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a painting class in Monroe, LA.  I am not a painter by any means but I do have to say that I was pretty impressed with my abilities after this class.

I found out about this lady through my friend Paige who is a regular reader of Melanie's blog and has been for some years. This lady is AWESOME she was an open book and just allows random strangers to come into her house and take painting and craft classes. She is talented I tell ya and I have become obssesed with her life and if you read her blog you will quickly see why!

Oh and her craft room... well it is to.die.for. I was the creepy girl who wanted to take pictures of her whole house..but I just settled for the craft room (it was less obvious)

See for yourself.

This is Melanie, Me and Paige with our pumpkins

My Pumpkin :)

Mine and Paige's pumpkins

Whay ya think? I think they turned out pretty great! oOh and  the pumpkins have glitter on them (kinda hard to tell in the pics... makes them even more AMAZING!!! Go check out
Melanie's blog!

Have a great one :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting

Link up time! Join Michelle over at The Vintage Apple to show of your favorite pins this week!

I LOVE this poncho!!!

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Since I have been trying to work out...(yes I am still going strong with couch to 5k I love it) I am going to start on this flabby stomach next!

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Oh such a sweet movie.

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Adorable santa hats!

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Simply beautiful... can I have one please :)

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Cute idea!

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Can I have this craft room???

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Perfect for this time of year :)

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Nifty idea.

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This blue is gorgeous!!!

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I need a windmill sail now!

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Have a great one! What all have you pinned today??

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's A Farm Life

This past weekend I got to enjoy some quality time with the boyfriend. I enjoy these days since he has been so busy the past couple of months with harvest.

FC is part of his family farm which consists of his grandpa, dad, and uncle they have had the farm for over 50 years and grow rice, soybeans, cotton, and corn

Since I am absolutley clueless an expert on farming  pay close attention... you may learn something new :)

This thing here is called a "combine"... this is used in rice, soybean, and corn farming. Today we were harvesting soybeans. FC was on his way to pic me up in this pic :)

Side view, this thing is HUGE I wish I took a picture beside it so you could tell, and of course green is the ONLY way to go! I do know that much!

This big pointy thing is called a "header" It is used to strip the beans from their stalk and push them into the combine where they are seperated from the hulls. And that little ice chest is full of ice cold Bud Light... I'm so jealous he gets to drink on his job haha 

Then once the beans are seperated from the hulls they are sent to the back of the combine. This picture is from looking toward the back glass of the combine.


Once the Combine is full the Grain Cart driver pulls beside the combine and the beans are transferred into the cart. Once the Grain Cart is full it then empties it into the grain truck, once in the grain truck the beans are taken to the mill.

                                                       Me driving the Combine!!! I was a nervous wreck...but i still had time to smile :)

Farmer Chase doin his thing!

Thinking it over...

Of course something ALWAYS break down!!!

Finally after a LONG day on the farm we got to enjoy dinner with some great friends!


And of course we made the men do the dishes :) After all we worked hard on the farm all day! haha
                                                            Stay tuned for Cotton Harvest!!!