Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NYC in 2 Days!!

It's FINALLY here!!!!! Lacey and I leave for New York City in 2 days....I'm in shock...literally. I have yet to do laundry, pack, figure out a ride to the airport, or pick up my credit card I left at a bar. There is so much to do and sooo little time. Someone please tell me why I procrastinate so much?!!? I always say I work better under pressure which in all reality I become a complete bitch and short tempered because I am so mad that I have to rush everything. I've been this way all my life so I probably won't change anytime soon.... it would just be so much better for me and the people I come in contact with if I did. Oh well :)

In good news the weather looks like it is going to be PERFECT! I mean it will be a little chilly but I want it to be so it feels like christmas :)

One of my goals is to find me and the boyfriend "rolex" watches from China Town. If anyone has recomendations on where to go to find these please let me know :)

Also I found out that you can carry mace in your check in bag on the airplane. you better believe this girl is packing some...I am just a teeny bit nervous about all the people out and about in NYC. I think I have watched to many TV shows....but hey you can never be too careful!

If anyone has any recomendations on where we should go let me know! Lacey pretty much has us booked up though!

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