Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's A Farm Life

This past weekend I got to enjoy some quality time with the boyfriend. I enjoy these days since he has been so busy the past couple of months with harvest.

FC is part of his family farm which consists of his grandpa, dad, and uncle they have had the farm for over 50 years and grow rice, soybeans, cotton, and corn

Since I am absolutley clueless an expert on farming  pay close attention... you may learn something new :)

This thing here is called a "combine"... this is used in rice, soybean, and corn farming. Today we were harvesting soybeans. FC was on his way to pic me up in this pic :)

Side view, this thing is HUGE I wish I took a picture beside it so you could tell, and of course green is the ONLY way to go! I do know that much!

This big pointy thing is called a "header" It is used to strip the beans from their stalk and push them into the combine where they are seperated from the hulls. And that little ice chest is full of ice cold Bud Light... I'm so jealous he gets to drink on his job haha 

Then once the beans are seperated from the hulls they are sent to the back of the combine. This picture is from looking toward the back glass of the combine.


Once the Combine is full the Grain Cart driver pulls beside the combine and the beans are transferred into the cart. Once the Grain Cart is full it then empties it into the grain truck, once in the grain truck the beans are taken to the mill.

                                                       Me driving the Combine!!! I was a nervous wreck...but i still had time to smile :)

Farmer Chase doin his thing!

Thinking it over...

Of course something ALWAYS break down!!!

Finally after a LONG day on the farm we got to enjoy dinner with some great friends!


And of course we made the men do the dishes :) After all we worked hard on the farm all day! haha
                                                            Stay tuned for Cotton Harvest!!!

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