Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

NEW BLOG DEBUT!!!!! What ya think??? If you love it go check out Tricia Nae Designs and she can hook you up! I love it and she was great to work with :) Thanks Tricia!!!

Favorite link up time!!! Go link up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple today!

This should explain ALL of us women :)

ummm this too!

I love this!!! I may have to try and make my own!

Could this be anymore true?? :)

I have three ladies pictured in my head right now.... you know who you are!

Rock WILL be inside my future home... it just will be!

I kinda need this...

Who remembers these little suckers?? They would get lost everywhere.. I can still here my mom griping lol

A Friend of mine is having a Halloween party, I think this set up is awesome!

Hi, my name is Julianne and I think I just fell in love with you.

I LOVE olives and I LOVE fried foods. I'm so trying this!

bacon wrapped chicken strips with honey mustard glaze... are you hungry yet??

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  1. I totally remember those sticker earrings! They would fall off, and end up in the most random places!

    Those fried olives with a glass of Riesling would be awesome right about now!

  2. 1) I totally remember stick on earrings. Throw-back!
    2) Fried olives??? I've had fried pickles (amazeballs) but never heard of fried olives. I might need to find these somewhere to try!
    Love the blog look!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  3. I love that picture from Friends, and I totally remember those stick on earrings! I loved them when I was little! :)

  4. Love the dog is the only thing on earth quote! So true....

    friends OMG MY FAVORITE! Miss that show!

    LOVE the kitchen!

  5. Happy Wednesday! I am linking up from the Vintage Apple!

    First off, so true about dogs! My pups are my babies!!

    Second, OH EMME GEE about the stick on earrings!! God, I wonder if you can even find those anymore???

    <3 City Girl, Country Heart

  6. Oh my I love that kitchen!! and totally remember the stick-on earrings. those were so cool :)

    {I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & I'd love to see you there!}

  7. Aw, I love the dog quote! And I love that e-ring because it looks a lot like mine! :)