Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday All!!!

I'm feeling rather "thirsty" today so I thought what better way to make me crave a drink more than to share some of my favorite "big girl" drinks with my fellow bloggers.

This is an all time favorite. My girlfriends and I get so excited when summer comes around because that means WATERMELON margaritas at On the Border!!! :)))

If you like rootbeer then you will love this. I cannot stand liquorice at all but for some reason this is my go to drink at the bars.


This is another go to at the bars...

And of course a little vodka and cranberry juice is always a good one!!

This is a drink my boyfriend introduced me to and is wonderful and turns into such a pretty green color, it's called an Irish Wake. You have to be very careful with these :) Mix all the ingredients in a mason jar and you have yourself a pretty green drink!
1 oz

1 oz
8 oz's
1 oz

Now onto wine ohhh how I love wine!

I had this at a local restaurant I went to and I have been a fan ever since!!
Riesling, Houge Cellars.

Ernest & Julio Gallo Cafe ( I have a bottle of this in my fridge right now)
A friend of mine introduced me to this and I love it and the bottle too!

After a Stone Hill Winery trip with my girlfriends last summer I fell in love with this wine. The only bad thing is they don't sell this wine in Arkansas and I have to go all the way to Missouri to get it. This is also pretty much the only wine my boyfriend will drink. We are planning a trip back soon to pick up a case or 2 :)
Stone Hill, Concord

Well those are just a few of my favs, if you don't like "sweet" wines you probably won't enjoy these to much maybe the first and third will be your best choice.

After this long exhausting day is over I plan to go home pour me a big glass of wine and enjoy myself until the boyfriend gets home from work :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!

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