Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloggy Bracelet Swap!!

OK so I am a little delayed in posting this ( I have been a little under the weather) but I am in love with my wonderful bracelets I received from my new friends!! The first pic is from Dani and the second is from Casie check these ladies blogs out they are wonderful! :)

The large multi colored bracelet is a friendship bracelet that I share with Dani's other swap partner and the other set of bracelets go with practically everything I wear! I LOVE them!! Thanks Dani :)
(Please ignore my toes)

These bracelets are from Casie! The blue one is a "Live Out Loud" bracelet which is a movement created to honor her sisters memory and to inspire people worldwide to overcome their fears, accomplish their dreams and to LIVE OUT LOUD!  Check out this Facebook  page to find out how you can honor her memory as well! The other bling I received is so awesome I wore it to a wedding this past weekend :)

Thanks ladies!!!


  1. Tell your swap partners Thanks from me too... I will be borrowing them!