Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Food

Last night Lacey , Kyndall and I joined together for our monthly (sometimes more sometimes less) Girls Night Out except for one change this time we decided to have a Girls Night In and cook each other dinner! It was a wonderful idea! we did not have to behave and could be our regular inappropriate selves and not have to worry about the public judging us and our conversations that tend to get a little loud and even more inappropriate after a couple glasses of wine.

Have I ever said how much I dislike iPhone front face cameras? Well I do!

Kyndalls flavor of the month let us us his wonderful apartment... Kuddos to him!

We all chose a recipe from The Pioneer Woman because she is wonderful and she has things like this in her cookbook.

First things first... cheese and wine appetizers...
(please excuse the nasty fingernail I need a manicure)

Now onto the cooking... I chose to make a hot artichoke dip which was AMAZING I'm not bragging or anything because it really was, just ask lacey and kyn! Kyndall chose Penne a la Betsy which was finger lickin good with all the fresh herbs if you decide to make this please use fresh herbs... Lacey usually sticks with sweet tea but she ventured out and made chocolate molten cakes for dessert which I cleaned my plate of. To be totally honest I cleaned my plate of everything!

Here we go!


Now onto the finished products!!! after a whole lot of this...




and just to show you how yummy this all was...


Yes I'm sad to admit it but I probably could have licked my plate :)

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Well we have the same posts... but I emailed you some more pics from the night.