Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Question Friday!!

Happy Friday Yall!! Today I am linking up with My Little Life for Five Question Friday!!!

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then link up!

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?  Nope! I rarely ever close the bathroom door... I know it drives my boyfriend crazy but oh well :)

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?
Hummmmm I would have to go with Friendly... because I try to smile at everyone I see and I am very courteous for the most part unless you catch me on a bad day.... then my word would be Back Off.

3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?  ABERCROMBIE!!! That place drives me crazy it smell sway to perfumey (not a word I know) and the music is too loud and people just stare at you while your shopping.

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)? I don't have childrens :)

5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?
Sure would! In my sleep, before all my children (if I ever have children)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!!!!


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