Monday, June 27, 2011

Attention: Monday Has been CANCELLED!

I WOULD have given anything to see this on my desk when I came to work this morning! I wanted to do a fun weekend in pictures post today, but my weekend was anything but fun! So I am just going to post some pictures and try to make this day a little better :)

My dream vacation, South African Safari.  In my mind I am here today.

Shopping is a must on my to-do list and since I have a 4-day work week that may just be my agenda on Friday :)

I want one in light purple but I can not find one  :( so green is the next best thing!

Hobo Wallet

I am in NEED of this! These necklaces are made from old chandelier parts and other various items. I found out about these fabulous necklaces on a ski trip to Park City, Utah Check out their website. They can custom make them for special occasions I think this would be a great gift for someone!

I think i want my nails painted like this! They look so fun!

Follow this site to check the technique out! I may try this one night this week with red, white and blue for the 4th! I will post a picture good or bad!

Here is a quote that I completeley agree with today!


Enjoy this cancelled Monday!!


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  1. If shopping is on your agenda Friday you better call me! Lol...I'm in need of some good retail therapy! And I need a new Hobo too, my magnet fell!